Gotto d’oro was formed by a consortium of small wine producers in 1945, immediately after the end of World War II. The founding members were pioneers in sharing wine-growing and commercial knowledge that was in danger of being lost as a result of the conflict, and thanks to their foresight, Gotto d’oro is now the largest wine producer in the Lazio region and one of the twenty most important companies in the Italian wine industry.

In 1945, the members of the cooperative started out using the facilities of the former National Wine Growers’ Association, which had been severely damaged during the Allied bombing campaigns, and such was their determination that, by 1947, they were already marketing their wines all over the country. In the 60s, during the “Italian economic miracle”, Gotto d’oro white Frascati began to acquire an international reputation and, together with the red Chianti, took the first steps towards the internationalisation of Italian wines and played an active role establishing the success of the “Made in Italy” brand.

The visibility and reputation of Roman wines grew rapidly and Frascati was awarded DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata — controlled designation of origin) status for the first time in 1966. DOC status was also awarded to the Marino in 1970 and, finally, to the Castelli Romani in 1994. In 1989 the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry declared Gotto d’oro a “cooperative association of national interest”. Thanks to the restructuring and modernisation work, which was completed in 2011, the plant in Marino represents the state of the art in the wine making industry, combining environmental protection with high quality wine production.

Today, Gotto d’oro is a modern, dynamic forward-looking business that retains a strong link to its origins.

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